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Welcome to my page


Welcome to my page.


It is all about circumnavigation around the world.

I know everyone says, set a date, , , but I have small children and I am not sure my wife wants to go.


Therefore, I wait a little while. Make some savings, and I will be working toward the right boat to do journey in.


I will probably achieve my goals, even if it is done slower than most people can stand out. . .


Instead of running out into the world after a good experience, I want to walk out into the world, and experience them all.


I hope you will join me on my journey it begins here.


I hope that it will be an experience with videos, pictures, exciting people and many new experiences.


See you on the water.


Daniel Faber Threms

Slow traveler



Hjem er hvor mit anker bliver smidt og hvor mit hjerte føler sig tilpads.


- Daniel Faber Threms / Danmark -

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